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WooCommerce Analytics Plugin Development

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WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

Unlock the power of Google Analytics for your WooCommerce site, and take your marketing to a new level. Google Analytics event tracking and enhanced eCommerce tracking provides data about your customers and their shopping habits with highly detailed data about product views, add-to-cart visitors and more.

What the Plugin Does

Advanced Event Tracking

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro helps you make sense of all your event data by automatically tracking outbound links, downloads, shopping carts and cart abandonment. Custom events can be set up for tracking specific actions on your site with advanced categories, actions, labels, and values.

Advanced WooCommerce Reports

Take your analytics to the next level with Shopping Behaviour, Product List, and Checkout Behaviour reports making it easy to analyse exactly what your customers are doing in a single purchase, whether it’s browsing products by type or adding items to their cart.

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