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WooCommerce CRM Plugin Development

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Connect WooCommerce with Zoho CRM

Synchronise and manage your WooCommerce customer data with Zoho CRM for accurate and efficient lead management. Map the WooCommerce fields with Zoho CRM custom fields and enable bi-directional sync to keep your data up-to-date.

What the Plugin Does

Sync WooCommerce Data With Feeds

Zoho CRM Integration plugin comes with a set of feeds that sync the data of your WooCommerce objects to Zoho CRM. By default you get four feeds that sync the data of: Products, Contacts, Deals and Orders. You can create custom feeds to sync the data of other objects like Invoice, Account etc.

Historical Data Sync

You can sync all your existing historical data using WooCommerce Zoho Integration. The plugin lets you do this in two different ways: one-click sync, and bulk sync. One-click sync is for newly added data or data that did not sync in the last process. Bulk data sync is for syncing all of the data of the WooCommerce object.

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