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WooCommerce LiveChat Plugin Development

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Messaging Platform for Sales & Support

LiveChat is a real-time messaging solution that lets you provide customer service through the website. It lets you chat with a website visitor, receive and reply to their messages, and monitor their browsing activities. All in real time.

What the Plugin Does

Increase Customer Engagement

Start a conversation on your WooCommerce page. Create an chat invitation, add a call to action, and make it look more appealing for visitors. With so many options to customize the chat window, you’ll be able to easily engage customers in their journey through your WooCommerce store.

Views The Cart Details During a Chat

View your customers’ cart details during the chat, including product count, product details, last order details, and more. With multiple chats available at the same time, canned responses, tags, file attachments and visitors' messages (when you're unavailable) you can significantly improve their shopping experience.

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