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AffiliateWP is used to create a full-featured affiliate program on WordPress.

Having affiliates promote your products and services means that you’re reaching more people, who in turn will see more of your content and buy more of your products.

Enhance Your Website with AffiliateWP

With affiliate marketing, you can significantly grow your business by having other people promote your products/services. By harnessing the power of affiliate partners and leveraging their channels, you’ll gain more exposure, increase traffic to your website, and improve conversions.

Affiliate Tracking

AffiliateWP is and advanced WordPress affiliate solution providing a system to track and analyze your affiliate marketing campaigns. With analytics and full control over your affiliates, AffiliateWP provides the tools to succeed with affiliate marketing.

Manage Your Affiliates

Manage your team of affiliates from one place. View the top-earning affiliates, edit affiliate accounts and add tracking code on their websites or emails. Set per-affiliates referral rates, link multiple campaigns and more

Paying Your Affiliates

Paying your affiliates directly to their bank accounts is simple, affordable, and supported in more than 30 countries. Learn more about the easiest way to manage your affiliate program at Sales Manager in our help center.

Real-Time Reports & Graphs

Get an overview of your affiliates’ performance in real-time with detailed referral data and graphs. Get to know what content is performing well, which affiliates are converting most traffic, and how each affiliate performs across multiple products and geographies.

Affiliates Dashboard

Affiliates can view earnings, see their performance statistics, and access creatives. A built-in affiliate program dashboard that blends seamlessly with any WordPress theme: Affiliates can quickly access key stats and inventory to see where they're doing well or falling behind.

Affiliate Coupon Tracking

Connect coupon codes to specific affiliate accounts with affiliate coupon tracking. This allows you to assign a unique identifier that can be captured by the affiliate in campaign link URLs to track which affiliate links referred customers and the associated coupons.

Affiliatewp For Wordpress

The Best Affiliate Marketing Plugin For WordPress

Read more about AffiliateWP and discover the features our AffiliateWP WordPress Developers can integrate into your WordPress Website.

AffiliateWP FAQs

Read our FAQ’s to learn more about the AffiliateWP plugin for WordPress, help answer additional questions and learn how our AffiliateWP WordPress developers can help you.

Your affiliates can generate their own referral URLs from the Affiliate Area of your site. They can then share these links across their website, in emails or through social media. You can also provide affiliate referral links to your affiliates yourself by simply adding their unique ID to the end of any URL or product page you wish to send them.

When a user clicks on the affiliate's link and then makes a purchase, the cookie is added to their browser. If they return within the affiliate expiration date (which is 1 day by default), they will also be tracked as an affiliate sale. As soon as they clear their cookies, they will be tracked again as long as they visit your website during the length of their tracking period.

If a visitor clicks on two different affiliate links from two different affiliates, only the last affiliate link that they clicked will have any cookies set by it. For example, if you have an affiliate link on your website that goes to Amazon and another affiliate link that goes to Target, then if someone visits the Amazon website first and clicks on your Amazon link and then later (or even weeks later) visits Target and clicks on any of their affiliate links but not yours, then when they visit a page in your website that contains an Amazon affiliate link, they will be counted as having been referred by Amazon.