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Create An Online Community

bbPress is perfect for community sites and allows you to create a new forum, or add forum-like functionality to your existing WordPress site. This plugin shines when it comes to integration with WordPress and also offers plenty of features to manage, moderate and enhance your community forums.

bbPress for WordPress

Forum Plugins for WordPress FAQs

Read our FAQ’s to learn more about forum plugin for WordPress. This information is a great way to familiarise yourself with forum plugins, help answer additional questions and learn how our WordPress developers can help you.

bbPress is a WordPress plugin with many features. It lets you create forums on your site where you and your users can talk about various topics. It supports many features, like having different forum categories and topics, multiple moderators for the same forum, and classifying forums as private or public. bbPress has been around for a long time, and it’s completely free to use on any website that has WordPress installed.

bbPress has the ability to be styled by using the CSS rules provided in its default style sheets. The members of your site never see these files, but the forum will use them to determine how different parts of your forum are displayed. For example, some developers choose to change the colour of links, or bold all thread titles instead of just new ones. But that’s just a start — in fact, you can customise every part of your forums to fit with your site design.

bbPress is a discussion board or forum feature you can add to your WordPress site. However, bbPress by itself is pretty basic. For example, there’s no option to email users when they have new replies in a topic they’ve started or participated in, you can’t choose who can post and who can’t, and there are no user management features built into the plugin. These sorts of features often become mandatory as a community grows. Fortunately, there are solutions to the functionality issues presented by bbPress by installing plugins

BBPress WordPress Developers

Barry Reynolds WP Agency

Barry Reynolds

Creative Director

Barry is a creative director with over 15 years experience in the digital industry. Barry is an experienced web designer, WordPress developer and Agile certified project manager with several years experience running a WordPress agency in London creating websites for companies in finance, education, retail, medical, recruitment & legal industries. 

Linkedin: Barry Reynolds
Nic Gilbey - WP Agency

Nic Gilbey

Technical Director

Nic is a technical director with over 25 years experience in the digital industry. Nic has worked for blue chip companies including UBS and Thomson Reuters, BP, Network Rail and Total. He has planned and developed digital solutions in the Legal, Finance, Construction and Insurance sectors.

Linkedin: Nic Gilbey