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Build an Online Community with bbPress for WordPress

bbPress is perfect for community sites and allows you to create a new forum, or add forum-like functionality to your existing WordPress site. This plugin shines when it comes to integration with WordPress and also offers plenty of features to manage, moderate and enhance your community forums. Our bbPress WordPress developers can customise this forum plugin to integrate into your existing site. 

bbPress Plugins to Enhance Your Forum

bbPress is a WordPress forum plugin that’s easy to use, and extendable with plugins. One of the advantages of bbPress is that it is customisable which allows our bbPress WordPress developers to extend its functionality with plugins created by other WordPress developers.

bbPress Access

bbPress Access is a premium bbpress addon that allows you to restrict the access of your forum for some specific users. It allows you to restrict segments of your forum pages based on the User Role, Group Level and the User.

GD bbPress Attachments

GD bbPress Attachments is a plugin that adds file uploads within forums topics and replies. You can also restrict the number and size of the uploaded files. Users can embed images, videos or audio files into threads using simple HTML tags.

WP User Avatar

WP User Avatar is a simple, easy solution for bbPress users who want to upload and use their own avatars instead of relying on Gravatar. It allows users to upload their own avatar and display it as their bbPress user avatar.

bbp Style Pack

bbPress Style Pack is a bbPress plugin that allows our WordPress developers to change the look and feel of bbPress. It adds display features to your forums, allowing us to create vertical lists, hide counts, add new topics links, style elements using CSS and more.

bbPress Private groups

bbPress Private Groups is a plugin for the bbPress forum plugin that allows you to create unlimited private bbPress groups. Each user can be set to one or more groups, and forums are allocated to one or more groups. Our bbPress developers can customise this to your needs.

bbPress Threaded Replies

bbPress Threaded Replies works to provide threaded replies in your bbPress forum, so that members can easily see who is replying to whom with a continuous flow of comments. The plugin supports built-in topic display functions of the bbPress and can integrate seamlessly into your forum website.

bbPress Signature

With bbPress Signature plugin, forum users can customise their signatures according to their needs. They can use it by enabling the signature in their profile and adding the customised text to it. Besides, this plugin enables a signature to be applied to all posts and replies.

bbPress Quotes

bbPress Quotes allows users to easily quote a specific forum topic or the entire reply in their own message. This makes it easy for members to ask questions, provide feedback and highlight important points within discussions.

Ultimate WP Filter

The Ultimate WP Filter is a powerful, must-have content filter plugin for WordPress & bbPress. The plugin enables you to filter words that you consider to be inappropriate for your audience. It censors explicit words in bbPress automatically replacing them with asterisks.

Bbbress For Wordpress

The Best Forum Plugin for WordPress

Read more about bbPress and discover the features our bbPress WordPress Developers can integrate into your WordPress Website.

bbPress Forum Plugin FAQs

Read our FAQ’s to learn more about bbPress forum plugin for WordPress, help answer additional questions and learn how our bbPress WordPress developers can help you.

bbPress is a WordPress plugin with many features. It lets you create forums on your site where you and your users can talk about various topics. It supports many features, like having different forum categories and topics, multiple moderators for the same forum, and classifying forums as private or public. bbPress has been around for a long time, and it’s completely free to use on any website that has WordPress installed.

bbPress has the ability to be styled by using the CSS rules provided in its default style sheets. The members of your site never see these files, but the forum will use them to determine how different parts of your forum are displayed. For example, some developers choose to change the colour of links, or bold all thread titles instead of just new ones. But that’s just a start — in fact, you can customise every part of your forums to fit with your site design.

bbPress is a discussion board or forum feature you can add to your WordPress site. However, bbPress by itself is pretty basic. For example, there’s no option to email users when they have new replies in a topic they’ve started or participated in, you can’t choose who can post and who can’t, and there are no user management features built into the plugin. These sorts of features often become mandatory as a community grows. Fortunately, there are solutions to the functionality issues presented by bbPress by installing plugins