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We're a team of skilled WordPress developers specialising in crafting custom booking websites using the Bookly Pro plugin, tailored to meet your needs.

Bookly Pro Plugin for WordPress

The Bookly Pro plugin for WordPress is a versatile appointment booking solution that enables businesses and service providers to manage appointments and scheduling on their websites. With Bookly Pro, clients can easily book appointments online, choose available time slots, and even make payments if required.

The plugin offers a user-friendly interface for both clients and administrators, allowing you to set up various services, staff members, and availability hours. Bookly Pro supports customizable booking forms, notifications, and reminders, enhancing communication and reducing no-shows. It also provides advanced features like group bookings, recurring appointments, and integration with popular payment gateways.

With Bookly Pro, you can streamline your appointment booking process, enhance customer convenience, and efficiently manage your service appointments directly from your WordPress site.

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Overview Video

Online Scheduling plugins for WordPress make online booking, customer management and check-in simple for businesses of all sizes. WordPress booking plugins are are perfect for small businesses and service companies looking to start taking appointments online.


The Bookly Pro WordPress plugin offers advanced appointment booking features including customizable booking forms, service scheduling, staff management, payment integration, and notifications, streamlining appointment management and enhancing customer experience.

Calendar For Each Person Or Room

Schedule an unlimited number of people, rooms, locations or products. Share the availability of your employees, rooms, or any other booking resource using an online calendar and let your customers book appointments with you.

Account Area To View And Change Booking

The bookings area of your site provides you with access to all booking-related information. It is the central hub that allows you to view, edit, delete and perform actions on all bookings and events.

Filterable And Searchable Booking Management

This filterable, searchable booking management module on the backend helps you quickly find the bookings that need your attention. You can create new bookings, edit recent bookings, mark off unpaid bookings as paid.

Accept Payments For Bookings

Accept online bookings, payments and reservations for classes, services, accommodation and more from your clients.

Google Calendar Sync

Syncs your WordPress booking website directly with Google Calendar and creates a super cool, interactive calendar.

Charge Separate Rates Per Person Or Service

This plugin allows you to charge rates for services based on the number of persons or staff needed per booking.

Salon Booking

Salon Booking is the ultimate WordPress plugin for creating booking systems for your website, providing support for multiple services, employees and time slots. The timeslots can be set in minutes and hours.

Block Out Holidays/Times Or Days

Holidays/times or days can be blacked out on a global level to prevent taking reservations. Blacked out dates are indicated by a dot in the calendar view and can not be selected by users.

Hotel Room Booking

Hotel Booking is a simple WordPress Booking Plugin for creating a booking system for your hotel, holiday home or accommodation service. It enables your visitors to book rooms and pay online for the reservations.

Email Confirmations And Reminders

Send your customers interactive email confirmations and reminders. They can easily review their appointments, make changes, or reschedule all on their own. Save time, reduce no-shows and free up your team to do what they do best.

Lesson & Class Booking

Class Booking is a plugin intended to allow both administrators and regular users to easily create and manage classes. The plugin allows you to create unlimited classes, define how many members are allowed in each class and add the location, organiser and price per session.

Available Dates And Rooms

The calendar shows all the available dates in green. The green numbers are the number of free rooms at that specific date. When a customer books a room, it will be shown as available until you have approved the booking. Available dates and rooms can be managed with seasons.


Bookly Pro Plugin

Read more about Bookly Pro and discover the features our Bookly WordPress Developers can integrate into your WordPress Website.

About WP Commerce

Unlock the full potential of appointment booking on your WordPress website with our specialised Bookly Pro plugin development services. Our expert team of WordPress developers has extensive experience in tailoring Bookly Pro to seamlessly integrate with your website, making it easy for your clients to book appointments, classes, or services. From personalised booking forms to automated email notifications, our Bookly Pro development services are here to optimise your online booking system, helping you save time, reduce no-shows, and provide a superior booking experience for your customers across the UK.

Barry Reynolds - Creative Director -

Barry Reynolds

Creative Director

Nic Gilbey - Technical Director

Nic Gilbey

Technical Director

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Read our FAQ’s to learn more about the Bookly plugin for WordPress. This information is a great way to familiarise yourself with booking plugin for WordPress, help answer additional questions and learn how our WordPress developers can help you.

  1. Can Bookly be synchronised with Google Calendar

    Our WordPress developers can configure the booking plugin to provide real time Google Calendar integration that works both ways. Time slots booked are automatically marked as busy in your Google Calendar. And busy slots in Google Calendar are taken into account when the WordPress booking plugins proposes available time slots to clients.

  2. Can customers view and edit bookings online?

    With WordPress booking plugins, you can give your clients the convenience of viewing their appointments through your WordPress website. When a client makes an appointment, they will have the option to create a personal login. Once they accept and log in, they will be directed to their booking list, automatically updated whenever an appointment is made or cancelled.

  3. Can a minimum notice periods for cancellations be set?

    WordPress booking plugins can be set to a minimum notice period (eg. 24, 48 hours) for cancellations, this can help prevent clients cancelling on short notice. The client can still cancel if they wish, but they will be charged for certain late cancellations and changes. This can act as a general deterrent for some clients to cancel at short notice, but also let the client know that if they need to cancel in that time-frame, you may charge them.

  4. Is it possible to accept online payments with Bookly Pro?

    Absolutely, Bookly Pro offers various payment gateway integrations, including PayPal and Stripe, allowing you to securely accept online payments for appointments or services.

  5. Can clients reschedule or cancel appointments with Bookly Pro?

    Bookly Pro includes features that enable clients to reschedule or cancel appointments within defined timeframes, offering flexibility for both clients and businesses.

  6. Is there a mobile-friendly version of Bookly Pro for clients on smartphones and tablets?

    Bookly Pro is responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring that clients can easily book appointments and access your booking system from their mobile devices.

  7. Is customer support available for Bookly Pro users?

    Bookly Pro typically offers customer support to help users with any questions or issues they may encounter while using the plugin. This often includes documentation, tutorials, and a support forum.

Contact Us

Do you have questions or need assistance? Fill out the form below and a WordPress expert will be in touch shortly.

Contact Us

Do you have questions or need assistance? Fill out the form below and a WordPress expert will be in touch shortly.