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BuddyPress with BuddyBoss for Course & Community Websites

BuddyBoss Web with BuddyPress is your all-in-one solution for building a course or community website. With this powerful tool, you can build everything from basic websites to complete groups, courses, and communities.

Enhance Your Community Website with BuddyPress

BuddyPress helps you build a social network that improves the user experience for your website. BuddyPress allows users to create profiles, post status updates and share photos, connect with friends and other members, send messages, and so much more. BuddyPress can power any kind of community website using WordPress, including small niche communities like foodies, gamers or football fans, as well as larger communities like alumni associations or nonprofits.

BuddyPress Groups

BuddyPress Groups allows your users to create small communities within your community. Users can create groups, join existing groups, and post group-specific content. Groups can have their own pages, discussions, and even member profiles.

BuddyPress Profiles

BuddyPress’ Profiles comes with a rich feature set that our BuddyPress developers customise to fit the exact needs of your community. We can add extra fields to the user profile, set visibility levels for those fields and choose which field types will be available in the profile sections.

BuddyPress Friendships

Friendship connections provides a forum in which to connect with other users. It allows members to see relationships such as mutual friendships, following and followers beneath user profiles. Members can invite other users through the use of an invitation link.

BuddyPress Notifications

The notifications system is a feature that allows users to be notified about certain activities, settings and changes on your site. Notifications are displayed in several places including the admin bar, sidebars and footer of the site.

BuddyPress Private Messaging

BuddyPress Private Messaging allows you to have private conversations with several members at one time in your forum. This plugin adds the options to Private Message users and receive Private Messages from other members.

BuddyPress Activity Streams

Activity streams aggregate all of your site’s activities across BuddyPress, allowing you to see who has been doing what. Activity streams show comments posted by users, activities related to groups, who is online and the number of buddies in a group.

Buddypress For Wordpress

The Plugins for Building Online Communities For WordPress

Read more about BuddyPress and discover the features our BuddyPress WordPress Developers can integrate into your WordPress Website.

BuddyPress Development FAQs

Read our FAQ’s to learn more about the BuddyPress Development for WordPress, help answer additional questions and learn how our BuddyPress WordPress developers can help you.

The BuddyPress Developer Documentation site can be found at https://codex.buddypress.org/. It’s powered by our custom-built documentation tool, giving users extensive navigation, search, code examples and more.

We offer full WordPress customisation on our themes. This includes changing your site’s colour scheme, uploading a logo and choosing between different fonts. We also offer powerful page builders that allow you to build out all of the pages on your website in-theme with ease.

BuddyPress cannot be activated in multiple sites of a WP Multisite installation. It can only be activated once in either the main site or a secondary blog of a WP Multisite installation.