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Google Reviews Developers

Our WordPress development team is skilled at incorporating the Google Reviews plugin into your website to align with your specific requirements.

Google Reviews Plugin for WordPress

The Google Reviews plugin for WordPress facilitates the seamless integration of Google Business reviews onto your website, enabling you to showcase authentic user feedback and enhance your online reputation.

By connecting to your Google Business profile, the plugin dynamically displays real-time reviews on your site, providing valuable social proof to visitors. You can customize the display layout, design, and filtering options to match your website’s aesthetics.

This plugin helps you build trust with potential customers by prominently featuring positive reviews and encouraging engagement through genuine user feedback. It’s a valuable tool for businesses looking to leverage the power of customer testimonials and bolster their credibility on their WordPress website.

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Customer reviews are extremely valuable for online businesses. Not only do they improve SEO rankings, but they also boost sales and gain customer trust. Apart from the obvious benefits, customer reviews can be used to get feedback from customers and to form a relationship with them.


The Google Reviews WordPress plugin facilitates the display of Google Business reviews on websites, offering features such as customizable review templates, filtering options, and integration with Google API, enhancing credibility and user engagement by showcasing authentic customer feedback.

Customizable Review Display

Customize the appearance of the review display to match your website's design and layout.

Google Reviews Integration

Display Google reviews directly on your WordPress website.

Review Aggregation

Gather and display reviews from multiple Google My Business locations or profiles.

Review Filtering

Choose to display reviews based on certain criteria, such as star rating or specific keywords.

Review Snippets

Display individual review snippets with star ratings, reviewer names, and review text.

Review Moderation

Moderate or filter reviews before they appear on your website to ensure quality and relevance.

Link to Google Reviews

Provide a link to the original Google review for users who want to read more or verify the authenticity.

Review Analytics

Access insights into review engagement, such as the number of views and interactions.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews Plugin

Read more about Google Reviews and discover the features our Google Reviews WordPress Developers can integrate into your WordPress Website.

About WP Commerce

Our team of experienced WordPress developers can seamlessly integrate this powerful plugin into your website, allowing you to showcase authentic customer feedback from Google directly on your site. With customisable templates and advanced filtering options, we tailor the plugin to match your website's design and specific needs. By harnessing the power of social proof, our Google Reviews Plugin development services empower your business to display and manage reviews effectively, boosting credibility and encouraging conversions.

Barry Reynolds - Creative Director -

Barry Reynolds

Creative Director

Nic Gilbey - Technical Director

Nic Gilbey

Technical Director

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  1. How does the plugin fetch and display Google reviews?

    The plugin connects to your Google My Business account and fetches your business's reviews, which can then be displayed on your website using customisable templates.

  2. Can I customise the appearance of Google reviews on my site?

    Yes, the Google Reviews plugin provides customization options, allowing you to adjust the layout, style, and display of reviews to match your website's design.

  3. Is it possible to filter and selectively display Google reviews?

    The plugin often includes filtering options that enable you to display specific reviews based on criteria like rating, recency, and keywords.

  4. Does the plugin support multiple locations or business listings?

    Some Google Reviews plugins allow you to manage and display reviews for multiple locations or business listings, making it suitable for businesses with several branches or franchises.

  5. Is the plugin compatible with Google's review policies?

    Reputable Google Reviews plugins comply with Google's review policies to ensure that displayed reviews are accurate and legitimate.

  6. Can I add a review submission form to my website using the plugin?

    Some Google Reviews plugins offer additional features, including review submission forms, to encourage customers to leave feedback directly on your website.

  7. Is the Google Reviews plugin suitable for e-commerce websites?

    Yes, the plugin can be used on e-commerce websites to display customer feedback and build credibility, which can help increase sales.

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Do you have questions or need assistance? Fill out the form below and a WordPress expert will be in touch shortly.

Contact Us

Do you have questions or need assistance? Fill out the form below and a WordPress expert will be in touch shortly.