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LiveChat Plugin for WordPress

The LiveChat plugin for WordPress offers a powerful communication solution by enabling real-time interactions with website visitors through live chat. This plugin allows you to integrate a customizable chat widget onto your site, allowing visitors to engage with your team directly, ask questions, seek support, or make inquiries instantly.

With features like canned responses, chat routing, and file sharing, you can efficiently manage conversations and provide personalized assistance. The plugin also provides valuable insights, such as visitor behavior and engagement analytics, to help you better understand user needs and improve your website’s user experience.

LiveChat enhances customer satisfaction, reduces response times, and fosters meaningful interactions, making it an essential tool for businesses and organizations seeking to offer prompt and personalized support directly on their WordPress site.

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WordPress LiveChat plugins are designed to help you connect with customers visiting your WordPress website. Customers can reach out to you either through the live chat button or by clicking your customisable Call Me button and entering their phone number.


The LiveChat WordPress plugin enables real-time customer support and engagement on websites through features like live chat, customizable chat widgets, agent ratings, chat history, and integration with various platforms, enhancing communication and user satisfaction.

Real-Time Chat

Engage with website visitors in real-time through a chat interface.

Customisable Chat Box:

Customise the appearance and behavior of the chat box to match your website's design and branding.

Visitor Information

Gain access to visitor details like location, referral source, and the pages they're currently browsing.

Canned Responses

Create pre-written responses to commonly asked questions for quicker and consistent communication.

File Sharing

Share files, documents, or images with visitors directly through the chat.

Chat Ratings

Allow visitors to rate their chat experience, providing feedback for continuous improvement.

Integration with CRM

Connect the chat system with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to track interactions and customer data.

Livechat WordPress Plugin Development

LiveChat Plugin

Read more about LiveChat and discover the features our LiveChat WordPress Developers can integrate into your WordPress Website.

About WP Agency

Our team of experienced WordPress developers will customise and optimise LiveChat to match your website's design and branding. With real-time chat functionality, chatbot integration, and robust analytics, our development services empower you to provide exceptional customer support and increase conversions. Whether it's answering product inquiries, offering technical assistance, or nurturing leads, our LiveChat Plugin development services are your key to fostering meaningful connections with your website visitors and clients.

Barry Reynolds - Creative Director - WordPress Agency

Barry Reynolds

Creative Director

Nic Gilbey - Technical Director - WordPress Development London

Nic Gilbey

Technical Director

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  1. Is the LiveChat plugin compatible with my WordPress theme?

    Yes, the plugin is designed to be compatible with most WordPress themes, ensuring seamless integration with your website's design.

  2. Can I customise the appearance of the chat widget to match my website's design?

    Yes, the plugin offers customization options for the chat widget's appearance, allowing you to adjust colors, branding, and more.

  3. Does the LiveChat plugin offer mobile support for users and agents?

    LiveChat is mobile-responsive, ensuring a seamless experience for both website visitors and support agents on mobile devices.

  4. Can I integrate LiveChat with other customer support and CRM tools?

    LiveChat provides integrations with various customer support and CRM systems, allowing you to streamline your customer interactions and data management.

  5. Is there a chatbot feature available with the LiveChat plugin?

    Some versions of LiveChat include chatbot functionality, which allows you to automate responses and engage with visitors even when support agents are offline.

  6. How can I monitor website visitor activity and gather data with LiveChat?

    LiveChat offers visitor tracking and analytics, providing insights into visitor behaviour, page views, and more, helping you optimise your support strategy.

  7. Can I access chat transcripts and customer history with LiveChat?

    The plugin allows you to access chat transcripts and customer history, ensuring continuity and personalisation in customer interactions.

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Do you have questions or need assistance? Fill out the form below and a WordPress expert will be in touch shortly.

Contact Us

Do you have questions or need assistance? Fill out the form below and a WordPress expert will be in touch shortly.