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We are a team of WordPress & Ninja Tables plugin developers creating tailored solutions designed to your specific requirements.

Ninja Tables Plugin for WordPress

Ninja Tables is a plugin for WordPress that enables you to create and manage tables on your website with ease. It provides a user-friendly interface for designing and displaying various types of tables, such as comparison tables, pricing tables, product lists, data tables, and more.

With Ninja Tables, you can create tables by manually adding data or by importing from sources like Excel, Google Sheets, or CSV files. The plugin offers customization options for table appearance, styling, and responsiveness, allowing you to match the tables seamlessly with your website’s design.

Ninja Tables also supports advanced features like sorting, filtering, pagination, and search, making it convenient for visitors to interact with and navigate through large sets of data. It is particularly useful for businesses, e-commerce sites, bloggers, and anyone who needs to present organized and structured information in tabular format on their WordPress website.

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Ninja Tables offers advanced features like data import, sorting, filtering, and export options, making it an ideal solution for presenting information effectively. Whether you're a blogger, e-commerce store owner, or simply need to showcase data beautifully, Ninja Tables simplifies the process, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of your WordPress website.


The Ninja Tables WordPress plugin facilitates easy table creation with features like drag-and-drop functionality, responsive design, data sorting, and integration with various data sources, streamlining the presentation and management of tabular data on websites.

Drag-and-Drop Table Builder

Create tables easily using a visual, drag-and-drop interface without any coding knowledge.

Responsive Design

Tables created with Ninja Tables are responsive, ensuring they display correctly on various screen sizes and devices.

Advanced Table Styling

Customise the appearance of your tables with various styling options including colours, fonts, and borders.

CSV Import and Export

Import and export table data using CSV files for easy migration and bulk editing.

Table Sorting and Filtering

Enable users to sort and filter table data dynamically, improving usability.

Table Search

Implement a search functionality within your tables, allowing users to quickly find the information they need.

ninja-tables-pro Plugin

Ninja Tables Plugin

Read more about Ninja Tables and discover the features our Ninja Tables WordPress Developers can integrate into your WordPress Website.

About WP Commerce

Our experienced team of WordPress developers will tailor Ninja Tables to match your website's design and branding, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing user experience. From dynamic data tables and pricing comparisons to interactive charts and graphs, our development services empower you to effectively showcase information and engage your audience. Whether you're looking to display product features, share statistical data, or create captivating visualisations, our Ninja Tables Plugin development services are the key to elevating your website's data presentation and making a lasting impression.

Barry Reynolds - Creative Director -

Barry Reynolds

Creative Director

Nic Gilbey - Technical Director

Nic Gilbey

Technical Director

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  1. Is Ninja Tables compatible with my WordPress theme?

    Ninja Tables is designed to be compatible with most WordPress themes, ensuring seamless integration with your website's design.

  2. How do I create and design tables with Ninja Tables?

    Ninja Tables provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder that allows you to create and design tables without any coding knowledge.

  3. Is Ninja Tables suitable for e-commerce websites?

    The plugin can be used on e-commerce websites to create pricing tables, product comparison tables, and other tables that enhance the user experience.

  4. Does the plugin support responsive design for tables?

    Yes, tables created with Ninja Tables are responsive by default, ensuring they display properly on various devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

  5. Can I customise the appearance of tables to match my website's design?

    Ninja Tables offers extensive customisation options for styling tables, including colours, fonts, and borders.

  6. Are there sorting and filtering options available for table data?

    There are dynamic sorting and filtering capabilities, allowing users to interactively explore table data.

Contact Us

Do you have questions or need assistance? Fill out the form below and a WordPress expert will be in touch shortly.

Contact Us

Do you have questions or need assistance? Fill out the form below and a WordPress expert will be in touch shortly.