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PDF Viewer Plugin for WordPress

With a PDF plugin on your WordPress site, you can give visitors the capability to flip through the pages like a real document while also zooming in, taking notes and printing out the document when needed. Some PDF plugins can convert a blog post to PDF from your WordPress site.


PDF Viewer for WordPress

Read more about PDF Viewer and discover the features our PDF Viewer WordPress Developers can integrate into your WordPress Website.

PDF Plugins for WordPress FAQs

Read our FAQ’s to learn more about PDF plugins for WordPress. This information is a great way to familiarise yourself with PDF plugins, help answer additional questions and learn how our WordPress developers can help you.

WordPress does not natively support the embedding of PDF documents within posts on your blog. There are a number of plugins available that will help to solve this problem. If you have a PDF document and want to display it on your WordPress site, then use a WordPress PDF plugin. This way, your website visitors can read your PDF documents on their devices. WordPress plugins give you the option to download any blog post or page as a PDF file on your site. This ensures that users can save it or print it with ease.

Yes, you can view PDF files as flipbooks on WordPress. With a flipbook builder also known as PDF to Flipbook converter, you can convert your existing pdf file or set of images into a flipbook. You will get the same effect as that of reading a physical book and feel like turning the pages.

WordPress search plugins can search PDF files for specific keywords. Some PDF converter tools create unsearchable or image-based PDFs, which are difficult to index by a search engine. You’ll need to find out which format your converter tool uses before you upload any converted PDFs, to make sure they can be used with WordPress search.