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We’re a Award-Winning WordPress Agency with an experienced team of web designers and skilled WordPress Audits. We create new and modify websites and offer specific WordPress plugin development.
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WordPress Development Audit

An in-depth WordPress website audit will reveal any weaknesses in your website structure, code, plugins, theme, hosting & security. We create a detailed report and recommendations to fix issues.

Code, Theme & Plugins Audit

The code and plugin audit will identify crashes, conflicts, errors and slow loading of your WordPress website or WordPress dashboard. We review the plugins and WordPress theme that is installed to ensure compatibility with the website and suitability of the chosen plugins. The setup of WordPress, page builder, theme and plugins will be checked and errors highlighted. The aim is to produce a report that identifies issues within your website so they can be dealt with.

Hosting & Security Audit

Our hosting and security audit will examine your current hosting setup to ensure it is the most suitable solution for your needs. We check that your server is configured correctly including the caching, memory allocation, caching, CDN, backups and SSL certificates. We test your WordPress website for security vulnerabilities on both the server and WordPress installation. We provide a feedback report that identifies issues with your hosting and recommendations to fix these.

WebSite Speed Audit

Our website speed audit will test each page on your WordPress website for loading times. We identity large image files, unused fonts, CSS and JS files or all pages along with the setup of your caching, CDN, DNS & server. This enables us to create a report on specific issues that are affecting the website and individual web page loading speed with suggestions to improve the loading speed and Google PageRank score of your WordPress website on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

WordPress Design Audit

Our WordPress design audit helps you make the most of your WordPress theme. We pay attention to all aspects of your WordPress website design, ensuring consistency throughout.

Webpage Layout

Webpage layout reviews with us will evaluate your current site's usability and make suggestions to improve the user experience. We'll look at your web pages from a range of screens, devices and operating systems to ensure that users can find what they need quickly and easily. Using heatmaps, we'll also be able to see where users are struggling with your site – allowing us to offer valuable feedback.

Design Consistency

Our Design Audit of your WordPress website is carried out by an experienced designer paying attention to aspects such as typography, section and column spacing, icons & illustrations, video quality and colour to discover inconsistencies in the design and provide solutions to fix these. A report on the findings, along with recommendations and a list of problems on your website will also be provided for you to review.

User Conversion

A conversion audit analyzes and reports on your website and landing pages to identify areas that need improvement and possible solutions. It quantifies and provides recommendations for every key online stage of the buying process: from awareness and consideration through lead generation and completion. The end result will be additional qualified leads, increased conversion rates, as well as improved retention rates.

Mobile Responsive Audit

Our responsive audit will test and evaluate your website to make sure it works well across all devices and screen sizes. We'll look at interfaces, navigation, and interactions to make sure they meet current standards.

Cross-Browser Testing

Cross Browser Testing identifies if your WordPress website works on multiple operating systems and web browsers. We test your website with the most popular web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge on a variety of operating system versions to check for alignment issues. We create a report and screen shots of the issues with recommendations to fix these.

Responsive Mobile Testing

Responsive Mobile Testing by QA Consultants helps you to identify possible misalignments in your WordPress website for different mobile operating systems including iOS and Android along with Chrome, Safari, Samsung Internet, Android Browser and Firefox. We check website alignment issues and create a report with screen shots & recommendations to fix these.

Website Content Audit

By performing a content audit, you will understand your online footprint and define an actionable plan for creating more engaging pages for Google algorithms to index.

Grammar & Spelling

Error-free communication is key to maintaining your brand reputation. Our grammar and spell checker will scan your WordPress website and create a report on issues to be addressed and amended if required. It will help ensure high levels of customer service are delivered to all audiences regardless of language.

Duplicate Content

Plagiarised and duplicate content can have a negative impact on your WordPress website's digital marketing campaigns. Our plagiarism checker can find out if your content has been stolen or your content has been copied. We also check for duplicate content within your website to ensure it is within safe parameters.


This readability audit tool will scan your WordPress web pages and check them against defined parameters checking for tone, use of passive voice, complexity, formality, clarity, paragraph length and more. This makes it easier for you to manage and plan your online content to improve the readability and customer experience.

SEO Audit

Our SEO audit includes many different diagnostic tests, including the areas of content, architecture, user experience, technical SEO, marketing, and backlinks.

Onsite SEO Audit

Our Onsite SEO Audit is an analysis of each page's code and technical elements used by Google to crawl, index, and rank a website. It shows issues that prevent content from being found by search engines, guidelines for improvement, and recommendations. The service helps you create an effective SEO strategy for your WordPress website.

Backlinks Profile

Our backlink audit tool will help you identify all the backlinks pointing to every website within your WordPress website. We check if the quality links are still pointing at your website and identify low quality backlinks so that action can be taken to disavow them to stop them from being counted as a link by Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Rank Tracker

Our Rank Tracking reports monitor the position your website for a list of keywords. We compare your WordPress web site to your competitors and see their content which is creating the most traffic for them. This way you can improve your website in the areas that make an impact for your business. We create weekly ranking reports with an overview of the improvements.

WordPress Audits

Barry Reynolds WP Agency

Barry Reynolds

Creative Director

Barry is a creative director with over 15 years experience in the digital industry. Barry is an experienced web designer, WordPress developer and Agile certified project manager with several years experience running a WordPress agency in London creating websites for companies in finance, education, retail, medical, recruitment & legal industries. 

Nic Gilbey - WP Agency

Nic Gilbey

Technical Director

Nic is a technical director with over 25 years experience in the digital industry. Nic has worked for blue chip companies including UBS and Thomson Reuters, BP, Network Rail and Total. He has planned and developed digital solutions in the Legal, Finance, Construction and Insurance sectors.