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Enrich Your Site With a Multilingual Plugin

WPML Plugin

With a WordPress multilingual plugin you will be able to create pages in your own language as well as pages for multiple languages to reach an international audience. With WordPress multilingual plugins you can manually add multilingual content to your site which means the quality of your translations will be better than a computer-generated translation tools.

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WPML Plugin for WordPress

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WPML Multilingual For WordPress

Read more about WPML Multilingual and discover the features our WPML Multilingual WordPress Developers can integrate into your WordPress Website.

Multilingual Plugins for WordPress FAQs

Read our FAQ’s to learn more about multilingual plugins for WordPress. This information is a great way to familiarise yourself with multilingual plugins, help answer additional questions and learn how our WordPress developers can help you.

WPML allows running fully multilingual websites with WordPress, making it easy to translate WordPress pages, posts, tags, categories and themes.

WooCommerce Multilingual lets you run fully multilingual e-commerce sites using WooCommerce and WPML. It powers over 100,000 multilingual online stores and works with popular payment gateways and shipping methods. This plugin lets you translate the WooCommerce products, variations and store emails, set the prices in multiple currencies and accept payments in different languages.

When you use the Automatic Translation feature, content from your site is sent to a translation service provider (such as Google Translate or Microsoft Azure Translator). Using powerful machine learning technology, the service provider sends back translations within just a few seconds. WPML then stores these translations in its own database, so they are ready and waiting for you when you are ready to translate more content.

There are advantages for both a single or multisite setup using the WPML plugin. This post discusses the benefits of both and you can also contact our WordPress developer to discuss your requirements.